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peterwy April 15, 2010 05:14

Read Mesh
Hello all,

I got some experiences with OpenFOAM within the last two years and now the next step for me would be to get a little bit more introduced to the development. What I can contribute in future to the community is not clear at the moment it's dependet on my employer but to contribute something there has to be something first and so I will try to write my first program.

In snappyHexMesh it's always a problem when there're small holes somewhere. To find them is quite a horrible task. Some time before I wrote a program that understood the mesh format of OpenFOAM and analyzed a path from one specified point to another in the mesh with the target to find a path => a hole could be find more or less easily.

A program like this is the same reinventing a wheel new, because I'm sure it is easy, to read in a mesh with existing OpenFOAM routines and getting the information of all face numbers from one specified cell is as easy as getting max cell numbers, face numbers etc.

Can perhaps someone give me some hints where to get the information that I need or even better give me the information directly?

Thx & best Regards
Peter Wiemeyer

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