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N. A. May 7, 2010 16:57

Lagrangian Paritcles/Passive Particles
1. What is a passiveparticle. Does any one have documentation and any tutorial that uses Passiveparticle

2. I am trying to simulate Coal particles and interested in adding more species into it and want to modify the Lagrangian routine by addiing more variables to the particle properties, such as (U, T, d). I wish to add multi-component species such as (Yi as a mass fraction)?

Can any shed some light on above two points as to how to proceed in Openfoam. Any information will be greatly helpful.

akidess June 1, 2010 03:36

From what I can tell passiveParticle is the most basic Particle implementation. All it provides is a constructor which sets a position, and you can only move it by specifying an end-position using functions from the parent class.

In your case it would probably be better if you start a little higher up, e.g. with the SolidParticle class, which already includes a basic drag model. From there you'd only have to add T and Yi to get started.

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