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Nording May 29, 2010 05:01

Lagrangian Particle Tacking
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Dear FOAMers:

Rencetly, I am implementing a particle-particle collision model into lagrange/intermediate/. When I test a case for tracking a lot of particles at different diameter sizes, which of some are the biger than the grid size, I find the small particles are not beyond the boundary, it is right, but the biger ones have strange behavour, particle sphere border will cross the mesh boundary. I want to known whether the track algorithm has limit to require particle size smaller than mesh size or somewhere exist a bug.

I will be very glad if I know your suggestions for solving this problem.

Best regards


andersking May 30, 2010 08:03

Hi Nording,

You are correct, the particle code only checks for intersections in the particle's current cell. If the particle is larger than the cell-size (approximately) then the particle can 'miss' the surface, while still being less than it's radius away.

As for overcoming this, I am not sure - we are planning to tackle it by using a distance field, or something similar, to check for impact. At the moment it's not a problem for us (small particles), so we haven't gone very far along this approach.

I would be interested to know how you are implementing the collision mechanics/tests however.


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