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mystix June 25, 2010 05:13

new heatTransferModel for dieselSpray lib
Hallo community,

After adding some new evaporation models like in the dieselFoam tutorial I want to add a new heat Transfer Model to the dieselSpray library.

I want to change the relaxationTime of the RanzMarshall model by adding a correction term based on Xs and Xf.

To do this I copied the RanzMarshall model and changed the equations to my needs. But I have to use some more variables: Xs and Xf for the 2nd heat transfer Model.

But I dont know how I can add these variables properly. It is not done with just adding

const scalar Xs,
const scalar Xf

to the relaxationTime method. Can someone help please?

Thank you in advance.


Problem was solved:

I added Xs and Xf to the relaxationTime method in all depended files which where:


In "parcel/setRelaxationTimes.C" I had to added the green marked commands:

for(label i=0; i<Nf; i++){
tauHeatTransfer = sDB.heatTransfer().relaxationTime(
liquidDensity, d(), liquidcL, kMixture, Reynolds, Prandtl, Xs[i], Xf[i]);}

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