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cwang5 July 7, 2010 05:50

Rotating patch not rotating?
Hi guys,

I am trying to implement a rotational motion on a patch in OF1.6.x so that the patch rotates for 0.001 radian per time step. The rotation was implemented using a rotational tensor, and the points on the patch moved using the following algorithm:


forAllConstIter(labelHashSet, patchList_, iter)
    label patchi = iter.key();
    vectorField oldCell = mesh.C().boundaryField()[patchi];
    pointField oldPoint = mesh.boundaryMesh()[patchi].localPoints();
    vectorField newCell = ((oldCell-CoR) & RotTen) + CoR;
    pointField newPoint = ((oldPoint-CoR) & RotTen) + CoR;
    pointDisplacement.boundaryField()[patchi] == newPoint - oldPoint;
    cellDisplacement.boundaryField()[patchi] == newCell - oldCell;

Where CoR is the center of rotation and RotTen is the rotational tensor mentioned above.

However, after running the solver for a couple of time steps (~1,000) the patch and the grid points around it hardly moved as oppose of turning the prescribed 1 radian (~58 degrees). I'm wondering if I'm doing anything wrong or has used the wrong expression for implementing the displacement fields. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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