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Cyp August 16, 2010 13:12

problem with gradient as source term in coupled equations

I am trying to implement the following equations in OpenFOAM. There are nspecies resolution of these coupled equations according to the number of species in the system.

I have a problem with the implementation of the A-species evaporation rate. There is an error when compiling the code because of the gradient terms in the calculation of Sevap[i].


// Species transport calculation

for (int i=0; i<= nspecies; i++)

    volScalarField& Y_beta_i  = Y_beta[i];
    volScalarField& Y_gamma_i = Y_gamma[i];   
    Sevap[i]  = U_gamma_beta[i] & fvc::grad(Y_gamma_i) -U_beta_gamma[i] & fvc::grad(Y_beta_i) - alpha[i]*(H[i]*Y_gamma_i-Y_beta_i);

    mass_evap += Sevap[i];

        fvm::ddt(eps_beta*rho_beta, Y_beta_i)
      + fvm::div(phi_beta, Y_beta_i)
        fvm::laplacian(eps_beta*rho_beta*D_beta_beta[i] , Y_beta_i)
      + fvm::laplacian(eps_beta*rho_beta*D_beta_gamma[i], Y_gamma_i)
      + Sevap[i]

        fvm::ddt(eps_gamma*rho_gamma, Y_gamma_i)
      + fvm::div(phi_gamma, Y_gamma_i)
        fvm::laplacian(eps_gamma*rho_gamma*D_gamma_gamma[i], Y_gamma_i)
      + fvm::laplacian(eps_gamma*rho_gamma*D_gamma_beta[i] , Y_beta_i)
      - Sevap[i]

Here the velocity-like coefficients U_beta_gamma and U_gamma_beta are declared as


    PtrList<dimensionedVector> U_gamma_beta(nspecies);
    PtrList<dimensionedVector> U_beta_gamma(nspecies);

Do you have any suggestion ??

Moreover, I saw that there is a FvCoupledScalarMatrix class existing. Do you think it is useful in my case or the sequential method can be sufficient enough ?


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