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arun August 17, 2010 00:38

Fuel Triple Points
Hi All,

I have some questions on the liquids class. Under this class if new fuel properties need to be included, these are the parameters required:

-Molecular weight [kg/kmol]
-Critical temperature [K]
-Critical pressure [Pa]
-Critical volume [m^3/mol]
-Critical compressibility factor []
-Triple point temperature [K]
-Triple point pressure [Pa]
- Normal boiling temperature [K]
- Dipole moment []
- Pitzer's accentric factor []
- Solubility parameter [(J/m^3)^0.5]

All of these values could be calculated using existing properties formula and experimental data; however, I could not find any related references for triple point temperature and pressure calculations.

Anyone know how these two values (triple point temperature and pressure) are determined in liquid class database? Which formulas of reference data were used?

In addition to that, what is the importance of these two values for other fuel properties calculations?

Thanks in advance.


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