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Ford Prefect August 23, 2010 08:00

OpenFOAM MPI coupling

I am not a current user of OpenFOAM but I might be soon ;)

I have an external software that I wish to call at certain times for some of the computational cells. I wish to distribute the calls to this external software evenly in an array using MPI. I wonder if it is possible to invoke MPI commands in user defined functions (or whatever it is called in OF)?

Best Regards

akidess August 24, 2010 07:58

With OpenFoam you get access to the source code, so you can do anything you want. You probably don't even have to dig that deep to add the calls.

Ford Prefect August 24, 2010 10:40

Ok, thank you.

Any useful information on where to begin digging?

AnttiH August 25, 2010 03:18


you can search folder "src/Pstream/mpi"

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