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Edison_Ge September 10, 2010 00:52

LPT random walk
I want to use Lagrangian particle and stochasitc trasport equation to simulate passive scalar tranportation. But I don't know how to incorporate effactive diffusivity from turbulece model to partciel. Can somebody help?
How can I let particel read turbulence->nuEff()?

Edison_Ge September 10, 2010 12:29

I achieved it by creating a volScalarField nuEff in createField.H and then in the solver assign turbulence->nuEff() to the nuEff field. In this way, the cloud can take the nuEff field as a member and then interpolate it to the particle location.
It seems to work, but is there a more elegant way of doing it ?

sisetrun September 9, 2016 08:49


it's been a while since your last post but I am working on the same issue at the moment.
Have you built a more "elegant" solution?


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