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santiagomarquezd November 30, 2010 14:48

Question about Hrv's Gamma diff scheme paper
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Hi all, in Hrv's Gamma paper we have:

f_x=fN/PN, then the difference phi_f^{+}-phi_C can be written as:


(where P is C and N is D), see attached figure. Nevertheless following the geometrical relationships I then to think that it must be:

(phi_D-phi_C)/PN = (phi_f^{+}-phi_C)/Pf

so that

phi_f^{+}-phi_C=Pf/PN (phi_D-phi_C)

Pf/PN != fN/PN, then I'm missing something...

How I can arrive to Hrv. expression?


santiagomarquezd December 10, 2010 11:06

Any clues??


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