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DiegoNaval December 2, 2010 18:10

Evaluate phi from a areaVectorField
Hi all,
I'm using OF1.5-dev to use the Finite Area Method.
I have evaluate from the Volume velocity U the areaVectorField Us though a volSurfaceMapping vsm(aMesh), in the following way:
Us.internalField() = vsm.mapToSurface(U.boundaryField());
Now I need to find the phi from the Us How I can do that?

Thank to everybody


ngj December 3, 2010 05:11

Hi Diego

I suspect you would like to compute the edgeScalarField such as:

edgeScalarField phiS = linearEdgeInterpolate(Us) & aMesh.Le();

Best regards,


DiegoNaval December 3, 2010 11:09

Yes exactly.
Thank youvery much Niels

An other question, how does the code compute the Le() function? I don't find the code, is it a vector orthogonal to the edge and contained in the mean plan of the surface mesh evaluate for each edge?

Sorry for the confuse question, but I hope you understand. But I need to understand witch vector Le() gives!


ngj December 7, 2010 06:15

Hi Diego

Yes, I understand what you mean. The edge normal is normal to the edge and is tangential to the the curved surface. The computation of the normal is found in


in the function void faMesh::calcLe() const

The documentation on the FAM method is rather scarce, however there exist a Ph.D. thesis (in Croatian) [1], however the figures are neat and rather self-explanatory. Look for chapter 5, pp. 137-156. I have also given the bib-file as I understand it to be written, if any comments on that, please do not hesitate to correct me.

Best regards,




Author = {Tukovi\'{c}, {\v{Z}}},
Title = {{Metoda Kontrolnih Volumena Na Domenama Promjenjivog Oblika (Finite Volume Method on Domains of Variable Shape)}},
School = {University of Zagreb},
Year = {2005},
Note = {(In Croatian)},

DiegoNaval December 7, 2010 11:23

Thank you very much, I have a lot of problem with the Croatian language but I have understand the meaning. An other problem.
I have create a mesh with Star and I have convert it with ccm26ToFoam. All seams good, if I use a normal fvSolver the solution have no problem. But in some case, not always if I change some parameters that change very few the mesh generated, the faSolver don't works. I particular I have an Floating point exception on all the part that use the something about the surface mesh. For example when I compute the edge phi for the areaVelocity and use:
edgeScalarField phiS = linearEdgeInterpolate(Us) & aMesh.Le();
In the run I have the error.

Have you any idea on which could be the problem?


ngj December 8, 2010 06:11

I have not had any problems using faMesh, but if I have changed the mesh and have forgotten to do makeFaMesh, I receive a run-time error. It is the only explanation I can think of.

Best regards and good luck


frederik February 11, 2015 14:03

Correcting phiS
Dear Fomers,

i do also want to solve the Exner-equation. Since i obtain some spirious oscillations i want to smooth the flux phiS.

Therefore i will use a additional diffusion term which is dependant on the cells slope.

(see the following paper:FORTUNATO, A.B. and OLIVEIRA, A., 2007. Improving the Stability of a Morphodynamic Modeling System.
Journal of Coastal Research, SI 50 (Proceedings of the 9th International Coastal Symposium), 486 490. Gold Coast, Australia, ISSN 0749.0208)

I want to implement a loop over all edges. To clarify which two cells are owner and neighbour of which edge.

All i need is the name of the List, where the edges are stored.
I hope you can get my point.

Something like an edgeList,

Best regards

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