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santiagomarquezd December 20, 2010 17:03

Hi all, I was wondering why .A() divides the diag() values by mesh.V() values. Another question is how only n values are obtained by A even from a fvVectorMatrix which has 3*n equations for 3*n unknowns.

Thanks in advance.

santiagomarquezd December 25, 2010 01:17

Regarding the first question I was doing some dimensional analysis and it shows that in order to do things like:


00096            U -= rUA*fvc::grad(p);
in icoFoam.C it is necessary to remember that matrix coefficients in FVM are obtained from volume integrals, then if one operates with no integrated quantities like fvc::grad(p) this coefficients have to be divided one by one by the corresponding cell volume.

Can anybody confirm that?


sharonyue June 6, 2013 23:16

Hi Santiago, I think my problem is the same with yours, Did you find the solution?


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