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Hagen January 19, 2011 19:24

Implementation of system rotation
Dear Foamers,

I need to extend an existing RAS turbulence model, to capture effects of system rotation. Therefore a new production term needs to be defined, which goes into the differential equation for ddt(R_).
This term is: G_ = 2.0 * (Omega_ & R_ - R_ & Omega_)
where R_ is the Re stress tensor and Omega_ is a new tensor that depends on the rate of system rotation. I want to make the turb.model read Omega_ from a file in the caseSetup. runTime or transportProperties.
So far I added these lines to the existing code:

In the beginning, where k,R,epsilon are initialized, I added:



volTensorField OR_ = (Omega_ & R_);

volTensorField RO_ = (R_ & Omega_);

volSymmTensorField G_rot = 2.0*symm(OR_- RO_);

Unfortunately, that doesn't work. The error text is to long for my terminal window. I can't read the beginning.
Can anybody help me with this problem? Basically it's just reading a tensor and calculate G_rot. But that can be hard for someone like me with little C++ knowledge.

Thank you!

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