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351Cleveland January 26, 2011 07:48

Question on introducing new terms into an existing model
Hello there,

linking to my previous post:

I decided to post here as the question seemed more relevant to programming than general OpenFoam query.

I have been trying to create a new model from the existing incompressible kEpsilon model files which includes the ability to calculate liquid mass fraction. I have added the corresponding constants/transport equation without problems and the model compiled correctly, however I am slightly concerned about re-using the term 'autoCreate' in the .C file as I could not create a new function for y-liq without it coming up with an error (see previous post).

My question is that, by re-using the autoCreateK term for y-liq, givent that the only boundary conditions for y are either zeroGradient or uniform value; will this cause any problems during simulation or do I have to create a new autoCreate term specifically for yliq?

Much obliged.


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