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elbertj March 3, 2011 20:52

accessing multiple user-defined libraries from one .so file
I have created a few user-defined libraries into "" and would like to use them one at a time in application simpleFoam. Hence I refer to only "" in the controlDict. What I notice is that only the latest built library is accessible.

Can I store more than one user library in a single .so file?


akidess March 4, 2011 05:09

To me it sounds like this: You have multiple folders with the Make/files specifying the same output file. Now naturally every time you run wmake libso, the linker will overwrite the last binary - it's what you told it to do. If you want to link all files into one library, you will have to write one Make/files for all of them, doing something like the following:




elbertj March 4, 2011 13:37

Thanks Anton! I am now able to store multiple user-defined libraries in one .so file and use them.

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