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daZigeiner March 14, 2011 11:05

Problems with "polyTopoChange" on parallel?!?

I'm currently working on a mesh refinement based on the (undoable-)meshcutter class, in order to chose refinement-directions explicitly.

With one core refinement/ unrefinement and buffering works very fine. Problems only occur in parallel computing:

-if the topological change is within the processor domain everything runs great

-as the topological change reaches the processor-patches "processorPolyPatch.order" crashes with failure notice
"in patch.ProcBoundary1to0 : Local size of patch is 16 (faces).
Received from neighbour 17 faceCentres! ..."

I do not understand where the mistake comes from :confused:

Since I am initialising the "polyTopoChange.changeMesh"-object explicitly with "bool syncPar=true;"
This should invoke patchField resizeing and reordering of the face-lists in the "polyTopoChange.reorderCoupledFaces" function called by "polyTopoChange.compactAndReorder". As I understand the code, processor patches are also taken into account.

Every (even miscellaneous) reply and hint is welcome :p

Thank you,
Rudi T.

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