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JimKnopf March 23, 2011 06:59

How to write source term into scalar Fiel
Hello everybody!

I have a equation with a source Term specified by:

fvScalarMatrix xEqn
+ fvm::SuSp(-fvc::div(phi), x)

where x is my specie. Now I like to now visualize just this term. Therefore I created a volScalarField xSource. Now I don't get the result of the source term into the scalar field.

My first Idea was to use

xSource = xEqn.source()

The source() function is of type Field<type>

on compilation i get the error that there is 'no match for operator=' and wmake purposes something like to use a GeometryField.

Well the point is I like to know what is in the source term and i don't get it written out. How do I achieve this ?

Thanks and best regards

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