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Zato_Ichi April 13, 2011 13:53

volVolumeField from volSurfaceField
Greetings !

To make a volVolumeField consisting of 3 volScalarField i tried this code? but it doesn't work.


volTensorField gradq = fvc::grad(q);

volScalarField qx = gradq.component(vector::X);
volScalarField qy = gradq.component(vector::Y);
volScalarField qz = gradq.component(vector::Z);

diaggradq.internalField() = vectorField(qx,qy,qz) ;

there q is volVectorField and diaggradq is volVectorField too.

The main goal is to make a vector (dq/dx , dq/dy , dq/dz), and I can't think how to do it without extracting diagonal elements from grad(q) tensor.

Thanks for helping, best regards.

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