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pablodecastillo April 20, 2011 15:10

moving domain, interFoam and mapping fields

I am writing a new solver, it is based in interFoam and moving all the domain (i mean it is based in solid rigid rotation and traslation).

I am moving the domain with mesh.movePoints(NewPoints);

how can i get to mapping the fields at the new mesh position?

I guess that it is using mapPolyMesh, but how can i use?, do i need to save the old points and cell centers??


pablodecastillo April 23, 2011 14:45

If i move a multiphase domain up or down with interDyFoam and solidBodyMotion it is not updating the z=0 or "free surface", simple it is moving all the domain changing the points positions, how can i do to map the free surface in their new position?

Advanced thanks

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