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sixwp May 19, 2011 05:59

chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam with heat source
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Hi Foamers,

I was trying to modify the chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam solver by adding a heat source (typically, here, to simulate a nuclear reaction in the fluid). I, therefore created a "heatedChtMultiRegionSimpleFoam" solver.

Nevertheless, I'm facing a problem: If the heat source does exist (and can be represented in Paraview), it doesn't produce any energy and heat the fluid...

I assume there's something wrong with the solver.
May someone be able to find what's wrong in it!

Best regards,

PS: attached is the solver with the modified values. The new boundary is "Qheat".
If something else is required, tell me :)

sixwp May 26, 2011 10:44

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