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catapult June 1, 2011 04:39

setValues - access coordinates
Hi there,

I am using the function setValues of fvmatrix. I can create a labelList of the cells I want to update. I can not however create a corresponding scalarField that require the values of the turbulent energy k_ when looping over selected cells. The following exemple will help understand my problem:
labelHashSet wallCells;
forAll(fmu_, cellI)
if (fmu_[cellI]<0.95)
labelList cellLabels = wallCells.toc(); //I successfully created my list of selected cell

scalarField fixedEpsilon (cellLabels.size());
forAll(fixedEpsilon, cellI)
fixedEpsilon[cellI] = pow(k_[cellI], 1.5)/Leps_; //this is wrong **
epsEqn().setValues(cellLabels, fixedEpsilon);

** this is where I get stuck. How can i set my epsilon in a particular cell given that I need to access the k_ in this cell ??? the cell [cellI] of fixedEpsilon doesnot match the cell [cellI] of k_. How can I solve this ?

Thank you very much for your help.

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