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lfgmarc June 15, 2011 03:00

How obtain a Mach number value from a case run with Xifoam solver??
Hi Foamers, I want to compute the Mach number from an case solved with XiFoam, but when I try to use the Mach utility from postProcessing velocityField library, but when I can do, the Mach utility give this error:

Unknown basicPsiThermo type hhuMixtureThermo<homogeneousMixture<sutherlandTran sport<specieThermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>

Valid basicPsiThermo types are:

ePsiThermo<pureMixture<constTransport<specieThermo <eConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
ePsiThermo<pureMixture<constTransport<specieThermo <hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
ePsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specieT hermo<eConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
ePsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specieT hermo<hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
ePsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specieT hermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hPsiThermo<pureMixture<constTransport<specieThermo <hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hPsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specieT hermo<hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hPsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specieT hermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hsPsiThermo<pureMixture<constTransport<specieTherm o<hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hsPsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specie Thermo<hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>
hsPsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specie Thermo<janafThermo<perfectGas>>>>>

From function basicPsiThermo::New(const fvMesh&)
in file psiThermo/basicPsiThermo/newBasicPsiThermo.C at line 63.

FOAM exiting

I am looking for some help with this, I have tow ideas of how I can compute the Mach number:

1. I am thinking about changing the thermo type in the Mach utility, but i no have experience about programming in openFoam then I'm not very sure that I have to do?.

2. Extract the gamma value and then post computing Mach with the post-processing value of U and T, but I don't know where I have modify to extract the gamma value?

computing the Mach number from::


If anyone can orient me by the right way to do that, I was very thankful.

best regards


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