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starboy1985 August 2, 2011 15:52

Questions about the fvc and fvm
Hi, I am writing a code which need to generate the fvc space from fvm matrix.

For example, I have
fvVectorMatrix UEqn
+fvm::div(phi, U)
- fvm::laplacian(nu, U)

How could I get the same geometricField (fvc::ddt(U)+fvc::div(phi, U)-fvc::laplacian(nu,U)+fvc::grad(p))) just use fvmatrix UEqn and volVectorField U?

I just do the UEqn.Amul for the internalField and add the aboundary terms, but I get different result. Anyone can help me to know hwo to do this?

Thank you very much.

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