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spv24 October 7, 2011 09:37

Implementing a new InjectionModel / RunTimeSelection Problems

I would like to create a new injection model. This should be based on the:


model. So I copied the source files of the folder above to my local workspace, renamed the files and classes (no code changes so far - just duplicating the code), updated the make/files accordingly and compiled a user library (libmySpray). The compilation worked fine.

Then I linekd the user library to a custom solver (did the same procedure, copied a solver that was working with the original injection model above, renamed it without code changes, updated make/files and compiled it --> worked well).

But when I am starting the solver, and putting the renamed, new InjectionModel into the corresponding dictFile, the new injectionModel is not recognized. It doesn't appear in the list that is showed when using a un-known injeciton model.

What have I missed? Do I have to register the new InjectionModel in a source somewhere else, outside the copied source files from the directory given above?

Could someone please explain how I can add this new submodel to the runtimeSelectableList?

So far no compilaiton errors!



spv24 October 8, 2011 11:47

Finally found the solution: I have to register the new injectionModel in the corresponding make* file in the folder:

OpenFOAM-2.0.x src/lagrangian/intermediate/parcels/include

Then it is working!

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