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diegosene December 1, 2011 05:24

Doubts about refCast
Hi guys, Iam new in Open Foam and I have a doubt about refCast.
The problem is.
I created a boundary condition (called eulerRho) that calculates the amplitude variation (L1) in the density file of the 0 folder for an outlet.
In the pressure file of the 0 folder for an outlet, I need to take the value of L1 calculated in the eulerRho using another Boundary (called eulerPressure).
I was told that I must use the refcast to take the valuer from eulerRho and to pass to eulerPressure.

But how I do this?
I really dont know how to use the refCast, and already looked in the c++ source guide but i didnt understand.
Can someone help me? =)


marupio December 1, 2011 14:50

I can only guess they wanted you to implement a custom access function in your eulerRho boundary condition, and gain access to it by refCasting the generic const fvPatchField reference you'd be able to acquire through the objectRegistry. That's a little ugly.

The code for this function is in src/OpenFOAM/db/typeInfo/typeInfo.H, by the way.

Do you only need const access to L1 in eulerPressure? If so, there are easier ways. For starters, you could use the IOReferencer that I released a while back, available here:

Or, you could have eulerRho create an IOdictionary (NO_READ, NEVER_WRITE), and put L1 into it. Then use the object registry to lookup that IOdictionary and read the value from it.

diegosene December 5, 2011 05:43

Thanks David for the tips.
I was looking through the Doxygen and found this in the


// Store on registry
new fieldType
That way can I store the field I want and then gain access in another boundary condition(in my case eulerPressure) looking up in the registry?

diegosene December 5, 2011 08:15

I was able to store my scalarField variable as an IOField.
Thanks David, i think now i can access the variable from the other boundary condition(eulerpressure).

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