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francesco_capuano December 6, 2011 11:28

Understanding LESDeltas
Hi everyone,
I am trying to understand deeply the implementation of LES into OpenFoam, and I have a problem with the vanDriestDelta and the PrandtlDelta codes: I cannot understant the Cdelta_ coefficient in the following formulas for calculating delta:

(kappa_/Cdelta_)*((scalar(1) + SMALL) - exp(-y/ystar/Aplus_))*y

Except for Cdelta_, these are the well-known Prandtl's mixing length and van Driest's damping function formulas, respectively. The default value for Cdelta_ is set to be 0.158: do any of you know where this value come from?

Thanks in advance,

caoyinyue February 1, 2014 01:06

Dear Francesco,
These days, I am also confused about the Cdelta_ when I want to use the vanDriest damping function for LES. Have you found any information about it?
Another problem is, usually we use the vanDriest function to multiply the cube root of volume for LES near the wall. But herein, Openfoam use the damping function multiply the mixing length (kappa*y), which is often utilized in RANS models.
Could you give some any hint?
Thanks very much.

HakikiCanakkaleli July 26, 2014 13:11


== 1 ==
Please look at p. 260 of his PhD thesis:

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