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matteoL January 5, 2012 14:17

DdtPhiCorr for moving domains in OF-2.1.0 ?
in the new release of OF-2.1.0 there is written:
"support for dynamic meshes added to ddtPhiCorr, an important mechanism to avoid certain types of pressure-velocity decoupling for transient running; see interDyMFoam example with dynamic refinement/unrefinement.
Example Dynamic refinement/unrefinement example -
I am trying to understand what have they changed to have it working also for dynamic cases but I haven't been able to spot any difference.

The files:

are almost identical to the one on the previous versions.

And also looking at the interDymFoam solver I haven't spotted any particular difference on this point.
Finally, also in the test case suggested "multiphase/interDyMFoam/ras/damBreakWithObstacle" I ahven;t been able to find any new particular feature...

Has anybody looked into it?
Could anyone point me to what has been changed to have it working on dynamic meshes?

Thanks a lot,

scttmllr January 5, 2012 17:16

Can't find it either!
I am also interested in the changes, but I was also unable to find anything yet.

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