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dshawul January 12, 2012 22:55

how symmetry bc is applied for a tensor ?
I want to understand how the symmetry boundary condition is applied for a tensors of rank 1 and above in OF.
Say at a wall with normal n and a velocity vector V at adjacent cell, I think it would be like

  Vsymm =  V - dot(V,n);
  Vsymm = mag(Vsymm) / mag(V)  * V;

How do you transform a 2 rank and above tensor (f.i 3x3 stress tensor ) at a symmetric wall boundary in a similar way?


dshawul January 19, 2012 17:15

Ok I found how it is applied in OF

tmp<vectorField> nHat = this->patch().nf();

          + transform(I - 2.0*sqr(nHat), this->patchInternalField())


This averages the reflection of the tensor and itself to get a vector parallel to the wall.
But then it doesn't adjust its magnitude to equal the original vector, like I tried to do in my post above. Is this correct ?

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