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dshawul January 22, 2012 10:44

potentialFoam solver
I am confused about the basic potential foam equation in OF

                    dimTime/p.dimensions()*dimensionSet(0, 2, -2, 0, 0),

a) why is (1/ap) set to 1 unlike in other solvers such as simplefoam, pisofoam etc . I gather from Hrvoje's thesis (1/ap) should be used due to rhie-chow interpolation. Isn't the rhie-chow interpolation not used here?

b) Is p really pressure or velocity potential ? If it is velocity potential , then it would not require the rhs (i.e laplace(psi) = 0). Are we trying to solve stead-state euler equations Or the laplace equation for the velocity potential ?

I am really confused about this. please reply.

dshawul January 27, 2012 23:14

I have finally understood the algorithm after weeks of searching! But this board is the most unhelpful discussion board I have ever come across by far.
Just in case some one has similar difficulties understanding the algorithm , I don't want you to go through same diffculty so here it is.

* It is first of all solving the laplace equation laplace(psi) = 0
* There is a "hack" in createFields.H that zeros both p and U in the internal field so that only the U at the boundary will be used as a source term for the above equation.

The odd placement of that code in createFields.H was the main problem for me. Here is a link to the document that explained to me how the solver works. Thanks to the writer.

Antony_Bosco November 23, 2015 11:36

Hello everyone ,

Please let me know how to calculate the total pressure field (= static p + dynamic p) in case of potentialFoam.
i used potentialFoam -writep.

i have a doubt if p is actually p or something else.

Thanks in Advance,

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