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drstein February 14, 2012 08:38

Debugging parallel case
Dear FOAMers,

in my practical semester I'm working on an interface to connect a new linear equation solver framework to OpenFOAM. I want to solve the equation of A*x=b with another solver.

What I've done so far is to convert the matrix A, the right-hand-side vector b and the starting solution x to our own Matrix and Vector format. Solving works fine so far in serial, but now I try to use our solver in parallel cases. I need the data that is communicated between the processes.

Can anyone tell me, where and how the halo data of the processor boundaries is handled?

I tried to Debug a parallel case but don't manage to get it running. Did anyone of you ever debug a parallel OpenFOAM-case and can tell me how to do it. I already tried parallel debugging in eclipse with PTP and also tried Allinea DDT but none of them really worked.

I'd be very pleased, if someone just could give me a hint where to start searching.

Thank You,


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