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enoch March 7, 2012 12:37

Solve div(c1*phi)?
I wanted to solve the following equation for T in OF. T is a scalar quantity.

div(c1*grad(T)) + div(c2*T) = div(c3)

This equation is expressed as the OF language:

fvm::laplacian(c1, T) + fvm::div(c2*T) == fvc::div(c3)

There is an compilation error on div(c2*T). Does OpenFOAM cover only two type of divergence terms: div(phi, T) and div(T)?
How can I deal with div(coeff*T)???

Thanks in advance for your comments.

lichmaster March 8, 2012 05:07


First of all let's make sure I understand your problem: you want to solve a transport equation for a scalar field T with a diffusive term and a source term, right?

If so, c1 must be a scalar, but c2 and c3 must be vectors, otherwise you are trying to calculate the divergence of a scalar, which doesn't exisit.

Let's assume c2 is the vector transporting T, then this is a convection term that, if I'm not wrong, can be modeled in OpenFOAM with fvm::div(c2,T).

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