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romant March 21, 2012 10:22

understanding how turbulence models are called
I have a simple question on how a turbulence model is called from the main code.

For example in the main code usually the UEqn.H file, a line like

appears. I can now take a look at a turbulence model and see, yes, there is a function divDevReff, which calculates the div(R). However, this function then needs only nuEff() from the turbulence model, which is just a function getting the private class variable nut_ plus nu() which comes from the transport model. At no point the actual member function RASModel.correct() is called.

This leaves me a little bit puzzled :confused:, I though that at some point this function should be called, since it solves the turbulence related equation for example k and epsilon. Therefore, how and when is the correct() function called?

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