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trojax April 2, 2012 11:15

PostProcessing Util for Wall HTC and Temperature
Hi everybody,
I'm quite far from beeing a real CFD-Guy. However, I'm running a CFD Analysis with BuoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam at the moment. It worked quite fine getting into the basic definitions.
Now I need to extract the HeatTransferCoefficient as well as the FluidTemperature inside the fluid near the wall.
I've thougth of programming a util that does that, but I had to figure out that I just don't know enough to get it working.

Now my question is wether there is some sort of Database where I could get something like that. If I could find a util that extracts the HeatFlux at the walls for a case simulated with the Boussinesq solver, I would get the changings done.

I've found one for the regular Bouyant Sovler. However, I wasn't able to figure out how I could change it to get it working for my current case.
There is something like

surfaceScalarField heatFlux =

in it. For that, in the createFields.H there is

autoPtr<hCombustionThermo> thermo

const volScalarField& h = thermo->h();

volScalarField rho

Using this one on my case, he misses the thermophysicalProperties (as given in cases calculated for the regular Bouyant solvers).

As I can imagine, those noob-questions like mine are quite annoying to you. Please excuse me for that.

Thank you very very much for every kind of help!

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