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mturcios777 April 25, 2012 15:49

dynamicMotionSolverFvMesh: displacementLayeredMotion
Does anyone have experience using this combination? I'm having trouble setting up a case using this motion solver. Actually, I'd really appreciate knowing what this solver does in the first place...

hakonbar April 4, 2013 09:48

Does anyone know if there exists any documentation on this solver, or if there are any tutorials made with it? What's it for?

mturcios777 April 4, 2013 14:40

I did some tests. What this does is allow layered regions of the mesh to have different motion solvers associated with them, so you can have different types of deformations in the same simulation.

There are no tutorials that I am aware of.

Aj Nair April 26, 2014 02:17

Hello marco,
Eventhough i am late by 1 year,i hope u must have experienced the working of displacement layered motion.i have started a new thread on this, if u have any suggestion kindly post here

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