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AHMeng April 26, 2012 10:56

SRFSimpleFoam tutorial case blows up on laptop (but runs on desktop?)
Hello All,

I'm a new user of OpenFOAM (and CFD) and I have a question..

I've been trying to run the SRFSimpleFoam/mixer tutorial on both my laptop and a workstation in school.

The case completes its run of 1000 time steps on the PC I use in school, and the cumulative time step continuity errors reach a maximum of approximately 2.05. The version of OF is 2.0.1.

However, running the same case on my laptop, with OF2.1.0, the time step continuity errors seem to go out of control quickly. The run was cut off at time step 394 with a cumulative time step continuity error of 3.99027e+98.

I read that the time step continuity errors is related to the pressure solver tolerance but I did not make changes to the fvSolutions file, or any file.

I'd like to ask why the same case runs so differently on the two computers? Is there anything I can do so that the case runs properly on my laptop?

AHMeng April 27, 2012 08:34

Well, just to update, I installed OF2.0.1 on my laptop instead and the tutorial case runs perfectly now, though I can't fathom why it's like that.

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