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kalyangoparaju May 3, 2012 17:10

Variable Pressure boundary condition

I am validating wing tip vortices genereation from a rounded tip wing ( chow et. al 1997). I am trying to compare the unmodified SA with modified SA. I have decent results for unmodified SA ( compared to other validations using SA) but modified SA doesn't really do a good job.

The outflow boundary is very close to the wing ( just around 2-3 chord lengths) and I have given a pressure outlet with gauge pressure as 0. I know this cannot be the case since there is a vortex and this definitely won't work.

Is there a way to specific a varying pressure on the outlet based on any other parameter. For ex. constant mass flow rate and calculation of pressure over the boundary from that or any other boundary condition where you needn't specific pressure over the boundary but rather it is calculated.


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