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Astarta May 4, 2012 05:11

I try to solve with BiCGStab solver, but preconditioners DIC and DILU doesn`t work.
Have anyone worked with it? which preconditioner should be used?
I use 1.6-ext version

Best regards,

Linse May 5, 2012 07:17

Hi Astarta!

Unfortunately I do not have any experience with the -ext-branch. But in any case it would be helpful if you could be more specific on the symptom of the problem:
Does it say "oops, I did not find the solver"? Or is it "bad luck, this solver is not valid"? Or does the simulation start but in the end it blows up?

What you could try (no guarantee for that, as I am using that in OF-2.0) is to set as preconditioner "none" or "diagonal" (don't know at the moment if they are for symmetric or asymmetric matrices). Either it works for starting the simulation. Or it does not work and it should show you the preconditioners that are acceptable.
In case the simulation starts but blows up at some point, put in some gibberish for the preconditioner. Then it should show you the acceptable preconditioners...

Hope that helps a bit, but please give us more information on the symptoms of the problem! And if and how it gets solved by chance.

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