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kalyangoparaju May 7, 2012 02:30

Addition of Rotation correction to SA Turbulence Model

I am trying to simulate wing tip vortices by modified the existing SA model by adding a rotational correction to it. This was proposed by Dacles and Mariani. It is the SA-R model in the following.

According to the above link, the only major difference is the way in which S_tilda is calculated. Finally, S_tilda will have to look like


I tried to code this into openfoam the following way.

const volScalarField omega(::sqrt(2.0)*(mag(skew(fvc::grad(U_)))));
const volScalarField S(::sqrt(2.0)*(mag(symm(fvc::grad(U_)))));
const volScalarField Stilda
omega + scalar(2) * min(omega-omega,S-omega)
+ fv2(chi, fv1)*nuTilda_/sqr(kappa_*d_)

The only reason I have omega-omega is so that I don't have to define 0 as a dimentionedScalar. can someone tell me if I am doing this right.

I've tested this version and the results seem to be wrong. The results are right with the actual ( unmodified )implementation of SA model .


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