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rafamusura May 8, 2012 12:41

LES Delta wing vortex simulation
Hi everyone, I'm having some big problems on finding the best turbulence model AND solver to use in my thesis proyect.

I's about simulating tha vortex generated by a delta wing installed face to the wind. (I have the mesh file, for gmsh, if someone would like to undestand it better).

The real thing is to analyze the data from the leeward side of the vortex generator because i have to correlate with the snow removal or snow acumulation, but without simulating a twophase flow.


I really don't know if pisofoam or pimplefoam, what type of trubulence model would be enough? smogorinsky? oneeqeddy?...thanks

qing123 September 4, 2012 08:01

About your question, may be I can help you.
Hi rafamusura: I have done some research about the delta wing, it is very resemble to yours. But your mesh file I could not see, could you send me your one copy mesh file to me, maybe I can give you some suggestions. My email is:

rafamusura September 4, 2012 11:44

Hi zhang

Thanks for replying, as you can see that post was on Feb, so I have done some advances and finally I doing my simulations with RANS and simpleFoam it's better because de LES simulation is too difficult in the subgridsacale.

I'll write you althoug to comment my results.


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