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ysh1227 May 25, 2012 01:20

relations between relaxationFactors and continuity error
Dear, all

Hi. I'm new in CFD and OF.
I'm trying to simulate the HAWT using MRFSimpleFoam and pimpleDyMFoam. Of course, they are the solvers in OF 2.1.0.
But my continuity error of any cases always increased.
I think that the problems are not caused by AMI, but caused by numerical schemes or linear solver. However changes in schemes and solver were useless.

I wonder that the relaxationFactors could affect the continuity error surely and resolve the problem uncondidtionally.
I already know that lower relaxationFactor could prove the convergence a little but make the speed of calculation slow.
Could the relaxationFactors be the main reason of this problem?
If so, why?

more info. about my cases.

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