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marcelgt87 June 4, 2012 08:55

Rotor-Stator Simulations
Hi there,

i am a student in the field of turbomachinery and as part of my seminar paper i want to do a rotor-stator simulation with OpenFOAM. i know there are many different approaches to this topic, but i'd like to find the most simple and most reliable solution.

the best example i could find until now was the ERCOFTAC Centrifugal Pump validation testcase by SIG Turbo solved with MRFSimpleFoam in OF1.5-dev. unfortunately due to some "revision issues" this case seems to no longer work with the latest releases of 1.5-dev or 1.6-ext.

Originally Posted by mbeaudoin
The problem lies with MRFSimpleFoam that basically stopped working for the ECP test case when we upgraded to a version newer that rev. 1238.

(see )

i already invested a lot of time and effort in this case, without any usable results. so before i waste any more time i thought i could just ask... i hope somebody with a little more experience could give me a hint on how to run a rotor-stator simulation successfully. i work with both 1.5-dev and 1.6-ext (though 1.6-ext would be better since it's more recent). steady-state would certainly suffice, so probably a frozen rotor approach with ggi!?

like i said: the easier, the better.

i'm looking forward to reading some of your suggestions and experiences!

thank you,

maHein June 5, 2012 10:10

hi marcel,

I had no problems in simulating the ERCOFTAC Centrifugal Pump validation testcase using MRFSimpelFoam. However, I'm not sure which version I'm using. The latest update is from November 2011, as far as I know. Maybe I can send you my setup.

Furthermore, you could use OpenFOAM version 2.1 which has arbitrary interfaces included. There is also an tutorial on how to set up a case with a rotor in a moving mesh.


kid June 6, 2012 01:52

Hi Marcel,
Recently with help of this forum I was able to simulate rotor-stator problem.
have a look at this thread:

If you could spend some time reading this post and also related posts, i am sure most of you doubts should be cleared.
What type of flow you intend to simulate?

marcelgt87 June 7, 2012 08:35


do you get the same results as published here? and how are your residuals? with the latest openfoam 1.5-dev version i get results that are quite different... physically reasonable but still different... and my residuals stagnate around 10E-3. so convergence is not really good. it would be great if you could check which version you are using and if your results match those published by the SIG Turbo.

and thanks to the both of you for the hint about the AMI. i hadn't heard of that yet, but the first look tells me that it could really be useful. i'll definitely look into it!


for now incompressible flow should be okay. for the future it would be great to do a compressible simulation.

how exactly did your case look like? would you be willing to share your data?

kid June 8, 2012 00:48

HI @marcelgt87
Plz go through the post, you will find it there.

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