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okroud June 13, 2012 10:13

simpleFoam: Problem with k-omega Model near Wall
Hi all!

I have a problem with the k-omega turbulence model, especially concerning the k-Value of my case. Im comparing openFOAM to fluent which you can see on the left side on each picture. The problem is that k seems to develop quite as good as in fluent at the inlet flow, but as the flow gets to the profile, k gets lower. (In this area the mesh is finer than at the inlet, might this be of importance?). Did someone have similar Problems with the k-omega model?

PS: I tried some calculations with second order divSchemes(instead of first), but they didn't converge well.

The boundaries at the top and bottom are periodic until the profile appears. The problem is that at fluent, k on the left and right wall is much more intense than in openFOAM.
What you see on the pictures is the Inlet with different slices plotted streamwise on the way onto the profile.
On the left: Fluent
On the right: OpenFOAM

I'd be really glad to get some help here!

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