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Raph July 4, 2012 13:51

Sedimentation of a non-spherical particle
Hi all

I am interested in the sedimentation of one (or a few) (relatively complex) non-spherical particle(s), typically to figure out whether it(they) would sediment vertically or also slide laterally.

I stumbled upon a number of threads on sedimenting particles but these were considering (as far as I understood) small dot-like particles, which is not my case.

I was wondering 1) whether this sounded feasible on OpenFoam for an unexperienced individual and 2) whether anyone would be so kind as to provide some leads on the subject.



Raph July 9, 2012 03:00

Re:Sedimentation of a non-spherical particle
No answer anyone?

Please let me know if my question was ill-posed, silly or if I breached some rule of the forum.


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