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sawyer86 July 20, 2012 11:15

how to troduce a source term in ICOFOAM solver's equation
Hi community,

I got a series of issues related with the introduction of a source term in the ns equation solved by icoFoam. I would very appreciate if someone could help me since for me is not simple to fix it! I tried to learn it a lot about it I was not able to do it! So thank you in advance to who will read this thread!

My idea is to add in the NS equation the following sorce term:


where nu is the kinematic viscosity (let's say Re in non dimensional form), U_base is istead a base flow. I am able to create this 3D base flow using some utility like "funkysetfield" (i mean i can create a FoamFile which contain the 3D velocity field) and I guess the layout is right to be used by OF...

I want to add this term in the NS equation of the icoFoam term. The main issues are the following:

-How to declare the field U_base (which, I repeated, must be read from file) in the solver folder and what are the proper lines?
-What is the exact expression I have to add in the strings to create that term?

I hope I was clear in the explanation and I really hope someone can help me. Many thanks!

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