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paladin July 30, 2012 10:14

Simulate an ignition point in dieselEngineFoam ?
Hi Foamers !

I'm using OF1.7.1 (because engineFoam/sprayEngineFoam from 2+ are not working properly ) and I'd like to use a solver that solve chemistry for engine cases... wich is dieselEngineFoam.

Problem is, i'm trying to simulate a spark ignition engine, so i need an ignition point, like in engineFoam, but dieselEngineFoam doesn't use it (because diesel engines have a compression ignition, not a spark ignition...)

Is there any way around that? Or any other solver that might do the job?

Could setField for Temperature of 2000+ K in a box the size of a spark plug work?
I would prefer a cleaner solution, but if I don't have a choice...

Thanks all,


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