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wolfindark August 1, 2012 23:00

thermal stratification and interface pahse-change
Dear All,

I want to model a thermal stratification in a closed water tank.
Half of the tank filled with water the other half is saturated steam.
The steam pumped through a pipe into the water that is a kind of heat source.
There is interface mass transfer due to the condensation and evaporation between the steam above and water below.

I want resolve the thermal stratification inside the water and pressure variations in the steam part.

Could you suggest me that which OpenFoam solver is suitable for that kind of modeling.

thank you in advance

InHisYouth October 10, 2012 16:51

Hi wolfindark,

I am working on a simulation project, though I am trying to model a heat pipe which involves using a liquid (water) in two different phases. Have you had any luck with your model? If so, any tips?

Thank you.

ignacio October 3, 2013 06:18

Are you talking about the steam injection in the BWR wet well through the blowdown pipe?

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