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ngcw1986 August 4, 2012 03:13

extract certain vector component while OF is running
Dear foamers!

Now I am using a stl surface to sample some data while OF is running (using fieldFunctionObjects with faceSource). Everything is OK, but the data I need is only one component of vector U. OF put out data using a format as "(U.x U.y U.z)" and it brings more trouble to me when I further process these data (I have to delete the bracket and the component I do not need).

When the data is massive, the labor is massive, too. I wonder may be there is a way to put out the very component of a vector field I need, and I tried a lot of syntax, such as "U.component(0), U.x". Unfortunately, I failed again and again. May be someone could give me some light on it (a efficient way to handle the massive data is also welcome).

Thank you very much! Best wishes! :)

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