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zordiack August 8, 2012 16:23

kOmegaSST omega residuals strange behaviour
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Hi, i'd like to know if some of you fellow foamers could explain why my omega residuals are very very small and not resolving?

The case is steady state external aerodynamics and i used motorcycle simpleFoam tutorial as base, except motorcycle is frisbee and there is no lower wall :)

Mesh is ~8M cells hexa and wall functions are in use.

I used k=0.35 and omega=2 as a initial condition, inlet is fixedValue and outlet is inletOutlet and sides are slip and my air speed is 20 m/s. Numerics are cellLimited leastSquares 1 for grad, linearUpwindV for div(U) and upwind for k and omega. Pressure solver is PCG and otherwise PBiCG, tol 1e-08 and reltol 0.01. Under-relaxation is p 0.3, U 0.5, k and omega 0.3.

Solution is not converged in attached picture but i'm more worried about the omega residual behaviour.

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