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Mojtaba.a August 8, 2012 17:31

Disabling SIMPLE convergence check in simpleControl.H
I'm trying to solve 5 equations, which 3 of them are getting solved as coupled and the rest of them are uncoupled (passive scalars). I have added 2 new equations to solve passive scalars into buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam. But when I start solving after some reasonable iterations solution stops solving and a messages comes up which says "SIMPLE solution converged in *** iterations". But when I post-process the case my 2 passive scalars haven't reached to steady state conditions. So I want to run case with more iterations.
I tried to find the source code which controls the convergence. the source solver code includes a header file:


I found this file in here:


inside simpleControl.H I found there is an another header file which controls convergence:

#include "simpleControlI.H"

I want to ask you how can I disable this? after removing the line which includes simpleControlI.H am I supposed to compile my own solver or any other thing at all or nothing will be done?

Any help would be appreciated. Regards,
Mojtaba ~

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