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oscar_urri August 16, 2012 18:26

non-cyclic pressure jump openfoam
hello everyone,

i wanted to know if it is possible to make a pressure jump in openfoam without using the cyclic bc (fan patch),

my problem is that i need to set a pressure jump in the axial direction and at the same time a velocity jump (discontinuity) on Z and Y, and cyclic bc won't accept other bc for velocity.

thanks in advance


doubtsincfd November 13, 2012 17:32

as far as I know, we can specify jump for scalar variable only in openfoam.

I am little confused here. Do you want to specify pressure jump in x-direction and velocity jump in other directions? My understanding is jump can be only imposed "across" the surface. It would be great if you could post a snapshot of the geometry you are dealing with and specify what jumps you need along what directions

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